Palm Recycling takes over as sole purchaser and supplier of recovered paper for Palm Paper mill


The commercial division of Palm Recycling is now the sole purchaser and supplier of recovered fibre for its parent company Palm Paper and its state-of-the-art paper mill in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

As a result, Palm Recycling controls over 550,000 tonnes of fibre material per annum as well as the management of paper stocks. This is designed to ensure a reliable and constant input of high quality recovered fibre as well as adequate stock levels at the King’s Lynn mill.


Previously, Palm Recycling supplied just over 50 per cent of Palm Paper’s raw material requirement via UK pressroom partnerships, local authority contracts, recycling bank schemes and direct paper purchasing.

Palm Recycling commercial director Rick Waterson said: “This has always been a goal for us to supply the entire needs of our parent company’s fibre demands, and we have worked tremendously hard to achieve this position. Apart from the continuity of supply it brings, it also has the added benefit of all areas controlled by one central purchasing hub here in Cheshire.”

Closer commercial ties have been forged with a number of UK fibre material suppliers and it is Palm Recycling’s intention to develop further this fibre supply chain to secure high quality and high volume material.