Palm Recycling wins five-year bank contract with East Cambridgeshire Council


East Cambridgeshire Council has awarded Palm Recycling a five-year contract to manage and service its paper bank scheme.

The contract, which includes a provision for a two-year extension, began on 1 April 2013, with the partnership seeing Palm Recycling collection from over 20 council bring bank sites.


Palm Recycling will install its galvanised steel container banks at a range of sites including supermarket car parks, schools and community locations throughout East Cambridgeshire.

Material from the banks will be sent to the Palm Paper mill in Norfolk.

Palm Recycling operations regional manager Rachel Chadwick said: “Bring banks remain a popular form of recycling with the general public – in fact we are seeing a year-on-year increase in the number of banks we manage throughout the UK. Palm Recycling has over 6,000 recycling banks nationwide and East Cambridgeshire Council will benefit from over 25 years experience in managing bank schemes such as this one.”