Paper grades continue to climb in price, but recycled plastics stabilise


Last week saw price rises for paper grades in Resource Efficient Business’ weekly Intelligence recycled pricing and analysis report.

OCC increased by £2 per tonne last week, while mixed added an extra £3 to its price.


Otherwise, paper grades stayed stable.

In plastics, there was no change to key grades such as PET, HDPE bottles and 98/2 LDPE film, but there is demand for lower quality film. As such, the bottom end of the range for 95/5 and 90/10 LDPE increased by £15 for the former and £40 for the latter. The top of the spread was largely unchanged.

Mixed hard plastics have also become more of interest as buyers look to extract high value plastics from them.

As a result, these have gone from a gate fee material to one where buyers will pay a small amount per tonne.

Copper saw its price fall by £125 per tonne last week, brass was down £75 and aluminium grades were up by typically £25.

Cans were unchanged. 

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