Paper industry calls for landfill and incineration ban for the material


A representative of the European paper industry has called for a ban on sending paper to landfill or incineration.

SAICA president Ramon Alejandro Balet is representing the European paper industry at the High Level Group of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) for raw materials.


At a meeting where the EIP was looking to approve its strategic implementation plan, he outlined several issues that he argued were essential for the European paper sector.

He said: “Mobilising more wood from European forests is very important for the availability of primary fibres for bio-products. Moreover, innovative approaches to implement the cascading use of wood where it adds more value and jobs in Europe are essential.

“For the availability of secondary fibres, the landfill ban and incineration ban for recyclable paper are needed. Additionally, collection systems have to improve to ensure glass and paper are collected separately from other recyclables and residual waste.”

In October the European Commission will call for concrete commitments in non-technical actions for the EIP for raw materials.

The European Commission has proposed the EIP on raw materials to counter the increasing pressure on raw materials.

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