Parkside launch fully recyclable flexible packaging laminate 

Recoflex-PE laminate

Packaging solutions provider Parkside has launched a new fully recyclable single polymer laminate to support the circular economy. 

The new laminate, recoflex-PE, is made from 100% polyethylene (PE) which enables the packaging material to be recovered through the carrier bag collection and recycling infrastructure. 


Consumers can also take it to retail stores with collection points. 

Recoflex-PE has barrier properties and sealing performance that mirrors a range of commonly used laminates in the flexible packaging sector that are not currently recycled, said Parkside. 

The laminate design brings two grades of PE together and creates a functionality including printability, mechanical strength and high barrier to ensure that it’s suitable for a wide range of flexible packaging applications, compared to other standard PE materials on the market. 

It can be used for most flow wraps, pouches or bags that require a high barrier, and are not designed for use in elevated temperatures. 

Parkside innovation director Phil O’Driscoll said: “We pride ourselves on creating progressive and innovative packaging that meets the needs of both the market and the consumer. Recoflex-PE is our latest creation that fits into this mantra and we are truly proud of bringing a new fully recyclable product to market which is easy to dispose for the consumer.” 

Recoflex-PE is set to be validated with recyclers and the OPRL scheme and will be available for production trials with customers, with the first market launch expected to follow their conclusion.  

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