Parliament announces new steps to reduce plastic use


The UK Parliament has announced a range of measures to reduce its use of single-use plastics by 2019, replacing items such as  straws and bottles with reusable or compostable alternatives. 

From summer 2018, Parliament will stop purchasing non-recyclable disposable cups and will instead opt for a compostable alternative. 


To encourage long-term change, a 25p charge will be added to hot drinks served in new compostable cups, with reusable coffee cups being available to buy and incentives offered to customers who refill them.  

Plastic bottles of mineral water will no longer be on sale in Parliament from summer, which will remove 125,000 plastic bottles from its waste annually. The number of water dispensers will be increased.  

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According to Parliament, it gets through around 335,000 sachets of condiments per year. 

Under these new measures customers at catering venues across Parliament will get sauces from refillable containers, eliminating the need for plastic sachets.  

Compostable alternatives will replace all disposable plastic items used in catering venues, from cutlery and salad containers to take away food boxes and plastic tumblers.  

In 2019, plastic carrier bags will be phased out in retail outlets on the Parliamentary Estate, with paper bags and branded fabric shopping bags being made available for sale. 

To further avoid the use of single-use plastics, reusable packaging solutions will be trialled at its warehouses and through its deliveries.  

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