Parliament to consider motion that calls for producers of plastic to pay for the damage


Parliament is to consider a motion that recognises the environmental impacts of plastic pollution and calls for the Government to make producers of plastic pay for the damage they create.

The Early day motion on Plastic Pollution has been signed by a group of MPs and asks for the Government to launch a tax on plastic to offset the fossil fuel subsidy, cover the costs of recycling and encourage the use of sustainable alternatives to reduce recycling costs.


Labour MP for Swansea West Geraint Davies said: “Parliament is to consider a motion that acknowledges that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050 and that multi-national companies receiving fossil fuel subsidies is making it worse. What’s more the tax-payer foots the bill for recycling when all this should be in the price of the plastic. This will reduce the wasteful overproduction of plastic which is overwhelming our planet.”  

Taxpayers currently pay for 90% of the cost to recycle plastics says the MP, and in turn he believes that it should be the corporations who pay for the damage they create. 

He added that radical action must be taken now as the Government’s 25-year plan is “too little too late”.  

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