PDM submit planning application for AD plant at existing Widnes facility


A planning application has been submitted for PDM Group to build an anaerobic digestion plant at its Granox animal by-products facility in Cheshire.

The 4.2MW AD plant would take around 90,000 tonnes of food waste and produce electricity and gas at the facility in Widnes.


Planning officers have recommended that the scheme be given permission to ho ahead.

The planning report said: “The Granox site is currently authorised to operate a renewable energy facility and animal by-product processing plants.

“The AD plant will process commercial food waste collected from large-scale producers such as supermarkets and depots, and smaller scale producers such as shops, restaurants and canteens.

“These materials are proposed to be collected from within a 50-mile radius of the site and delivered to the site on a daily basis. The majority of these materials are currently going to landfill.”

Halton Borough Council are due to consider the application next week.