Peel Environmental submits plans for co-located energy centre at Kellingley Colliery


A planning application has been submitted by Peel Environmental for it to develop an energy from waste facility at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire.

The proposed Southmoor Energy Centre would be capable of producing up to 26MW of electricity and low-cost heat to Kellingley Colliery and other nearby businesses.


Peel Environmental director Myles Kitcher said: “We’re pleased to have submitted the application for Southmoor Energy Centre, which marks our first for this year.

“Following closely behind our recent success with our plans for the former North Selby Mine site in York, we’re hopeful that North Yorkshire County Council Planning Committee members will also recognise the benefits of this scheme.

“As with all of our projects, we believe the Southmoor Energy Centre maximises local benefits through its co-location with an intensive energy user, Kellingley Colliery, and the use of an existing industrial site.

“Our flexible business approach means that we are keen to work with a range of delivery partners to fund, build and operate waste infrastructure development.”

The combined heat and power plant will use 280,000 tonnes of residual waste from mainly commercial and industrial sources, but also potentially from households.

It will be situated on an existing industrial facility that already has excellent transport links.