Peel NRE submits planning application for Plastic Park

An artist's impression of Plastic Park

Planning permission has been submitted by Peel NRE for its Plastic Park at Protos near Ellesemere Port in Cheshire.

Protos is Peel’s energy and resource hub.


Two facilities at Plastic Park have already received planning permission. The first of these is the UK’s first waste plastic to hydrogen facility using Powerhouse Energy’s technology. The second is a PET packaging recycling plant.

Under this new planning application, Peel is now seeking permission for a number of facilities that would take the capacity of Plastic Park up to 367,500 tonnes of plastic and mixed recyclables per year.

Peel NRE development director Richard Barker said: “As our pre-application consultation showed, the issue of plastic waste is high up the agenda. By clustering various treatment technologies together in one place, we can maximise the amount of plastic that can be recycled and create a circular economy in the North West.

“Over time, the flow of materials between the different facilities means vehicle movements will reduce and we will use any plastic that can’t be recycled to create hydrogen which can be used as a clean fuel for HGVs, buses and cars.”

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