Penalty system on non-recyclable plastic products to be introduced in France

French Secretary of State for ecological transition Brune Poirson Pic: Estonian Presidency photostream Link:

France is planning to introduce a penalty system that would increase the price of products with packaging made from non-recyclable plastic. 

The system is to be implemented next year and is part of the country’s pledge to use only recycled plastic nationwide by 2025.   


Secretary of State for ecological transition Brune Poirson told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper: “Declaring war on plastics is not enough. We must transform the French economy. We must transform this system so that our economy becomes circular and this plastic bottle is never a waste, but always valued or transformed into something else.” 

Under the new plan, items made from recycled packaging could be 10% cheaper than those made from non-recyclable materials, which could be 10% more expensive, she added.  

Other actions that France are taking to tackle the plastic problem include: 

  • A logo on products to say if it was made from recycled plastic or is recyclable by 2020 
  • To eliminate or find alternatives for plastic straws, cups and plates by the beginning of 2020 
  • To release a list that specifies single-use products that will be banned.  

When asked about how the industrial sector will help with the plastic problem, she argued that the 55 federations within the sector have committed to doubling the amount of recycled plastic incorporated in their products.  

A deposit return scheme is expected to launch in Autumn said the Secretary. 

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