Peter Jones joins Recycling Technologies as board advisor


Former Biffa director Peter Jones OBE has joined plastic company Recycling Technologies as an advisor to the board.

Recycling Technologies is a company that has been formed to commercialise the development of a plastic recycling technique originally developed by the University of Warwick.


Using an advanced fluidised bed reactor, the WarwickFBR technology turns mixed plastics waste either into the original chemical building blocks or into energy.

As post-manufacturing mixed plastics are a clean waste stream, these can be converted back into monomers. Post-consumer waste is typically turned into steam and electricity with very high efficiency by the process.

Recycling Technologies managing director Adrian Griffiths said: “We are absolutely delighted that Peter has agreed to join the team in an advisory role to the board. His knowledge of the industry and waste technologies is already proving its value. I’m sure he is going to play a really important role in making us a market focused technology company.”

Peter Jones added: “I am a passionate believer that waste should be dealt with as close to its source as possible. Not only does this reduce the environmental cost of transportation, but can significantly reduce heat waste normally associated with centralised systems.”