Peterborough Magistrates’ Court fines man nearly £4,000 for illegal vehicle dismantling


A man has been fined £2,000 and forced to pay costs of £1,700 for the illegal dismantling of vehicles and loading them for export to Egypt.

In January 2012, Faisal Abdelnabi informed investigating officers that he had moved from his permitted site at Fourth Drove, Peterborough to another site at Crossacre in the same town while waiting to get customers before applying for a permit.


Then in April 2012 he applied for a permit but the application was not processed as his manager had not passed the technical competence exams.

Environment Agency prosecutor Miss Anne-Lise McDonald said: “The illegal work continued without a permit for financial gain as the defendant knew he needed to be authorised to manage waste. Abdelnabi had been advised by Agency officers he needed to apply for a permit.”

Abdelnabi pleaded guilty to charges of operating a regulated facility, namely a waste operation for the deposit, storage and treatment of waste, without being authorised by an environmental permit granted under Regulation 13 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010.

After the hearing Environment Agency officer Claire Parker added: “When a business operates without a permit it is able to undercut its permitted competitors creating an imbalance in the market. If left unchecked, it will result in more and more businesses operating illegally.

“Stopping illegal waste sites from operating is a high priority for the Environment Agency and we strive to find, investigate and take action against anyone in the waste industry flouting the law.”