P&G fabric care products to reduce plastic in its packaging by 30%

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Pic: P&G

Product manufacturer Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has announced that its brands Ariel, Lenor and other fabric care products across Europe will aim to reduce plastic use in their packaging by 30% by 2025.  

This is a key milestone in reaching the Ariel 2030 brand ambition of saving 50% resources by 2030, including virgin plastics. 


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The announcement was made by P&G chief sustainability officer Virginie Helias at the Sustainable Brands Conference.  

By 2022, P&G fabric care Europe aims to make all its brands’ packaging 100% recyclable. 

Ariel and Lenor are working to increase the demand for recycling by further increasing the use of post-consumer recycled material (PCR) in its packaging, which currently contains up to 50% PCR. 

To take further steps towards circularity, the sector should work together and promote easy and effective recycling said P&G. To help this, its scientists are working with the industry on innovate solutions such as PetCore perforates sleeves for better recyclability. 

These planned plastics reductions from the brands add up to more than 15,000 tonnes annually by 2025 vs 2018.  

Although P&G fabric care plastic packaging only makes up a relatively small percentage of the total European plastics waste, the quantity of plastics saved each year will be enough to make one line of detergent bottles that circles around the world, said the firm.  

In the UK, these reductions equate to saving 4,300 tonnes of plastic per year by 2025, representing a reduction of 45% vs 2018.  

WRAP chief executive Marcus Gover said: “We’re delighted to see P&G make further commitments to tackling plastic packaging waste. Through “The UK Plastics Pact”, of which P&G is a founding member, we are working together with business, governments and citizens to transform the way we make, use and dispose of plastic – keeping it in the economy and out of the environment.”  

P&G chief sustainability officer Virginie Helias said: “Our Ariel and Lenor brands are pioneering packaging reduction practices that will be critical to P&G achieving our commitment to reduce virgin plastics in packaging by 50% by 2030. This is one of many examples of P&G’s leadership brands innovating to inspire and enable responsible consumption.” 

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