P&G to use Eastman’s chemically recycled plastic feedstock


Global manufacturer Procter & Gamble (P&G) is to use chemically recycled plastic feedstock provided by multinational materials company Eastman in select packaging.

Both companies have also agreed to work together to reduce the use of virgin plastics from fossil sources.


P&G will use the Eastman Renew resin that is made with a chemically recycled plastic feedstock from later this year.

Although Eastman Renew materials are currently available, a facility is being built in Tennessee in the United States that will consumer 91,000 tonnes of plastics each year that would otherwise go to landfill.

P&G senior vice president of R&D Lee Ellen Drechsler said: “Eliminating waste plastic from our environment is a complex global challenge that requires a comprehensive, collaborative approach across the entire plastics lifecycle.

“P&G is taking a thoughtful approach to addressing the collection, processing, revitalisation and reuse of materials. That’s why we selected Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies which enable former waste to be transformed into useful products.”

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