Planning permission granted for Walsall energy from waste plant


A £100 million energy from waste plant has been granted planning permission by Walsall Council.

BH EnergyGap plans to build the gasification facility, which will handle 300,000 tonnes of waste per year, in the Bloxwich area of Walsall.


According to a report to Walsall councillors, the plant will treat commercial and industrial waste and will address a shortage of waste processing facilities in the area.

Walsall Council cabinet member for environment Cllr Mohammed Arif said: “It is not everyday someone comes in to invest £100 million and it is bringing in new jobs. We have always said Walsall is open to business.”

The plant is expected to generate 19MW of electricity and is expected to take three years to construct.

It is to be known as WandE and will recover mixed recyclables and generate energy from residual waste, with materials sorted ahead of the advanced thermal treatment process.

BH EnergyGap partner Keith Riley said: “As the cost of waste disposal continues to rise, there is ever more pressure on businesses to ensure their waste is properly recycled and processed and not sent directly to landfill.

“However, there is a real shortage of facilities to support the local business community in delivering best practice waste management.”