Plastic, glass and steel PRNs fall on Q2 data


Following the recent release of the Q2 packaging data, the price of plastic, glass and steel PRNs has fallen.

According to the scrap-ex weekly PRN report, plastic PRNs are now trading in the range of £6 to £6.50 per tonne down from the £6 to £7 seen last week.


Plastic PRN forward prices are trading in the £6 to £6.85 range for September and £6.25 to £7 for October and November.

Glass dropped to £8 to £9 per tonne from £8.25 to £9.25 a week ago. Glass forward prices also fell for September, October and November to £8.50 to £9.50 per tonne.

Steel fell to £4 to £4.50 per tonne from last week’s £5 to £5.50. Forward prices for September, October and November also dropped to £4 to £5 per tonne.

scrap-ex director Gareth Goodall said: “We’ve seen some price falls in the PRN market for plastic, glass and steel. This follows changes in the Q2 figures. The market is quite stable at the moment, buy buying interest remains in most PRNs.”