Plastic PRNs see small fall in weekly scrap-ex PRN report


With all other PRNs remaining stable, plastic PRNs were the only movers in this week’s scrap-ex PRN report.


In the report for 14 June 2011, the bid price for plastic PRNs was £7 per tonne, while the offer price was £8 per tonne. This compares to £7.50 per tonne bid and £9.25 per tonne offer last week.

Forward prices for June, July and October were all in this £7 to £8 range.

scrap-ex director Gareth Goodall said: “The plastic PRN price spiked up to £10 per tonne a week or so ago and has now pulled back to the £7 to £8 per tonne range. We still have buyers within this range.”

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