Plastics firm adopt eco-friendly approach to manufacturing

Great central plastics

Plastics injection company Great Central plastics has adopted an eco-friendly approach to its production by manufacturing over 300,000 units from 100% recyclable materials for a large household products firm. 

The Daventry-based company offers its clients environmentally-friendly alternatives when ordering bespoke plastic products, and according to the company, it is one of the only manufacturers in the UK that has access to recyclable materials in any colour.  


This contract of 300,000 units was awarded by Procter and Gamble (P&G) and saw the business produce frisbees made from 100% recycled material which was used by P&G as part of a major campaign to promote recycling. 

Great Central Plastics sales manager Rowan Wilson said: “Environmental responsibility is very important to us and to our clients. This is why we proudly offer our environmentally friendly options when working with companies to develop their unique products. 99% of the time we can offer recycled products to be available in any colour which really makes us stand out in the marketplace as other suppliers can often only deliver in one colour. 

“Having previously worked with Proctor and Gamble we were delighted to secure this additional contract – particularly when the products we have manufactured on this occasion will be used to promote such a worthy cause.” 

Recycled materials used by the company come from internal waste leftover from previous projects. 

It has also adopted a range of in-house eco policies including using renewable energy sources to power its facilities over the last decade with solar panels, reusing packaging when possible, and having a recycling scheme in place for general waste which all workers in the business must follow.  

The sales manager added: “We go the extra mile to provide an environmentally positive approach to manufacturing products. Our eco-friendly practices allow us to assist companies that are consistently looking for ways to improve their green policies and become more environmentally responsible. The ban on single use plastic bags and straws shows how the plastics industry needs to improve and develop ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe with these policies in place we are leading the way for other companies to follow suit.” 

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