Poll suggests majority support Scottish deposit bottle and can system


A poll has shown that nearly 80% of Scottish people would back the proposed introduction of a deposit scheme for recycling bottles and cans.

Recent research from the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland showed that such a scheme might be feasible, and a call for evidence has now been issued to decide whether to introduce the scheme.


But the poll from the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) by polling firm Survation found that 78.8% of the Scottish public expressed support for a deposit scheme in Scotland.

APRS director John Mayhew said: “Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead asked ‘Is deposit refund perhaps the next big thing in Scotland?’ and the answer on every count has to be yes.

“The verdict of the Scottish people is in: our poll showed that three quarters supported it, with fewer than one in twelve opposed. These results are a robust mandate for Ministers to do the right thing and bring in a deposit refund system for Scotland. What’s more, Holyrood itself unanimously approved the Climate Change Act in 2009, the legislation which gives Ministers the powers needed to introduce a deposit refund system.

“We know it works in other countries, tackling litter, reducing waste, boosting recycling, and supporting good new jobs in the circular economy. We also know that the current approach means cans and bottles end up in landfill and litter, wasting resources, spoiling our environment on land and at sea, and forcing up costs to councils across Scotland.”

However, as reported recently, the Packaging Recycling Group Scotland is opposed to the introduction of the scheme.

The organisation, which represents packaging manufacturers, believes there are other more effective ways to increase packaging recycling.