Polystyrene packaging companies to create a polystyrene recycling channel by 2020

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Citeo, Total, Saint-Gobain and the French Union of Fresh Dairy Product Manufacturers Syndifrais are working together to develop a polystyrene recycling channel in France by 2020. 

This collaboration is part of the voluntary commitments for the French government’s Circular Economy Roadmap and is in line with French and European Union objectives.  


Companies in the polystyrene consumer packaging chain are seeking a recycling solution that will allow the development of a circular economy for these products, said Total.  

France’s fresh dairy product manufacturers are organising, through Citeo, the separation, sorting and preparation of several hundred tonnes of post-consumer polystyrene from France’s extended household waste sorting programme.  

Syndifrais, alongside Citeo, will contribute to the creation of a recycling channel for polystyrene packaging, and will utilise the project’s technical findings to improve the eco-design of packaging to make it easier to recycle.  

Total will use the sorted and prepared polystyrene in its plastic production units in France and Belgium, with the end product expecting to meet the same specifications as virgin polystyrene.  

A target has been set to 4,000 tonnes of output containing at least 20% recycled polystyrene for 2019. 

Saint-Gobain looks at initiatives related to the circular economy, with its subsidiary Placoplatre collecting insulation made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) which it reuses in its production. 

The company’s knowledge of the market will hopefully validate the necessary technical and commercial specifications and find new commercial markets for recycled EPS products.  

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