Potters Bar business CS Recycling celebrates 80 years in business


Hertfordshire recycling company CS Recycling has been enjoying its birthday recently.  

The company was founded 80 years ago, as Chas Storer Ltd, and now trades as CS Recycling. CS Recycling still collects paper and cardboard from businesses and organisations across the South East of England; focussing in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. In recent years, it has also collected polythene plastics for recycling. 


The family-business is a Hertfordshire success story with its Managing Director Craig Curtis a board member of The Recycling Association trade body and a supporter of up-and-coming local businesses. 

CS Recycling is also working in the community having sponsored Potters Bar District Under 11s earlier this year, and is developing a programme for primary schools in the area to help children understand the benefits of recycling. 

Craig Curtis said: “People may think that recycling is an activity that we have only been doing in recent years, but we have been doing it for 80 years now. 

“It’s been an exciting past couple of years. Last year we celebrated our 50th anniversary at our Potters Bar site, and this year we are celebrating our 80th Birthday.” 

“As a proud local resident and owner of a local business, I want to ensure that we continue to work with local companies and our councils to recycle even more than before. Otherwise, we end up throwing away valuable materials that end up in landfill or energy from waste plants. It is much better for the environment in Hertfordshire if we recycle materials and give them a new life as a new product.”