Pret A Manger to start offering 50p discount to customers who bring in reusable cup


Pret A Manger chief executive Clive Schlee has announced that from 2018, the coffee chain will be offering 50p to any customer that brings in their own reusable coffee cup. 

According to the chief executive, this move has been made to help increase reuse and recycling rates in the UK. 


The Pret boss first ran a poll on twitter asking if the 50p discount would encourage people to bring in cups. 

Results from this poll show that out of 5,000 people, 96% said it would encourage them. 

He also asked people for ideas on what else would encourage them to bring in reusable cups. 

Feedback included: 

  • A branded reusable cup, which is leak proof and light, plus the 50p discount
  • Charge for the cups instead of the coffee
  • The use of china cups in the stores
  • Loyalty scheme tied to the reusable cups. 

From this response, Pret has announced that they will be offering the 50p discount from 2018, and creating a new branded reusable cup available for purchase later in the same year.