Prices for recycled plastics coming down


The value of some key plastics grades has fallen due to the impact of virgin price falls.

With the price of oil falling below $50 per barrel, the price of virgin plastics is coming down and this is having an impact on secondary material now.


Subscribers to the weekly Resource Efficient Business Intelligence report (published every Friday) will have seen the price of HDPE bottles come down by £10 per tonne, and LDPE 98/2 film by £5 per tonne. There is a view in the market that significant price falls, particularly for HDPE bottles are on the way.

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Paper grades were relatively stable, but change looks imminent. Non-ferrous metals also saw price falls, particularly for copper grades.

Resource Efficient Business editorial director Paul Sanderson said: “Subscribers to Intelligence saw on Friday some significant price falls for plastic grades, and the view of the market is that HDPE and LDPE have scope to fall further. Our report on Friday included our latest economic analysis of current global manufacturing demand and how that will affect recyclers, as well as an update of our monthly export demand guide looking at January, February and March.”

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