Princes announce recycling initiatives

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Food manufacturer Princes has said that it is continuing to look for more PET and HDPE to allow for more recycled content in its products.

Speaking at the REB Market Intelligence Summit 2018, Princes corporate relations director David McDiarmid said that earlier this year the brand began using 30% recycled material in all HDPE bottles.


By the end of 2018, Princes, which manufactures soft drinks for retailer own brands and is the fourth largest producer of them in the UK, plans to use 51% recycled PET.

He said: “Everyone is at a race to catch up to this as everyone is after recycled PET.”

David McDiarmid added that the company wants to close the loop as fast as it can and from this, is installing balers at its sites to ensure all recyclable products get passed on to be recycled.

It was also announced at the summit that the brand is raising consumer awareness through clearer and simpler labelling on its bottles and using messaging to encourage recycling, as well as spreading the message of recycling to its employees, so they can improve their own recycling at home.

While the company is not part of the UK Plastics Pact, it was revealed that it aims to sign up by this year as the issue of plastics is “too important to get wrong.”

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