Pringles packaging needs to be redesigned for proper recyclability, says The Recycling Association

Simon Ellin, The Recycling Association

The announcement that Kellogg’s has introduced a Pringles container recycling scheme is a fudge that doesn’t solve the issues, according to The Recycling Association.

Kellogg’s last week said that it has joined forces with TerraCycle to introduce a recycling scheme for the containers in the UK that involves sending them in the post using a freepost label.


The resulting pellets are then turned into new products such as benches and fence posts.

But this announcement is not nearly enough, according to The Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin.

He said: “Around 18 months ago I highlighted that Pringles containers are a nightmare to recycle, and only now have Kellogg’s got around to introducing this fudge of a recycling scheme.

“And the reality is that Pringles cans are still a nightmare to recycle despite this announcement. Who is really going to post their Pringles containers to TerraCycle? Most people will either put them in their waste bin, or contaminate their recycling bin with them still.

“The solution to turn them into pellets to be used in benches and fence posts isn’t circular by reusing the plastic again in the packaging. Plus, Kellogg’s hasn’t mentioned what is happening to the paper and metals that make up the majority of the packaging. Is this going to be recycled as part of this process?

“We have written to Kellogg’s offering to work with them on making Pringles containers fully recyclable, but did not receive a response. Kellogg’s need to do the right thing and redesign the packaging so that the consumer can place it in the recycling bin.

“The public increasingly want simple packaging solutions that they know can go in the recycling bin. Kellogg’s should provide a fully recyclable container as soon as possible to meet this demand.”

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