Prismm warn packaging manufacturers that they will be liable for full costs of recycling

Mike Jackson Prismm MD

The Government’s new Resources and Waste Strategy will mean that packaging companies, manufacturers and retailers will see their compliance costs rise.

Defra has published the Resources and Waste Strategy for England, and it has revealed that, subject to consultation, producers will be subject to the full cost of recycling or disposing of their products rather than the approximately 10% they have paid previously.


Prismm Environmental managing director Mike Jackson said: “The Resources and Waste Strategy has much within it to be supportive of. However, the Strategy sets out that producers including packaging manufacturers, will need to pay the full cost of recycling their products.

“It also includes a modulated fee, so that those that have the most complex packaging that is hardest, or even impossible to recycle, will have the most to pay.

“Under our Packaging 2 Recycling scheme, we promote the use of carton board as a perfect material as it is easy to recycle. We can advise companies under the scheme, which is supported by the British Printing Industry Federation, of the most effective way to ensure their packaging is recyclable. With costs set to increase from 2023, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to avoid the huge hike in fees that packaging manufacturers may face.”

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