Process to recycle fuel cell components developed


A recycling process to recover high-value materials from waste fuel cells has been developed.

Axion Consulting, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells and Technical Fibre Products, with funding from Innovate UK, have proven the initial steps and are now evaluating the viability for commercial operation and developing a take-back system for end-of-life fuels cells.


Secondary Commodity Markets 2015 – the conference for buyers and sellers of recyclable materials takes place on 3 March 2015 in London. Find out more here

This includes cells in forklift trucks, mobile phone masts, electric vehicles and in small portable power packs for laptops and other products.

Axion Consulting director Roger Morton said: “It offers exciting potential using really elegant chemistry. The ability to recycle fuel cells is important as they will be powering the vehicles and technology of the future, which needs to be cost-effective if they are to be acceptable to both consumers and manufacturers.”