Progess made on meeting plastic packaging targets, but some materials still look tough


The latest quarterly figures from the National Packaging Waste Database show that meeting this year’s plastics recycling target looks achievable.

While glass and aluminium targets are looking possible to meet, it might be touch and go.


SCM Environmental director Gareth Goodall said: “The latest packaging figures for Q2 show that the combined remelt and other glass PRN categories still looks moderately tight. We have achieved 52 per cent compliance half way through the year so a bad quarter could still have an impact on whether we are able to meet these targets.

“Plastic is looking more comfortable and we are 60 per cent of the way to meeting the target at this stage, so there is a bit of slack.

“EfW is only at 60 per cent, which shows that maybe more material is going into RDF and there might be some more tightening here.

“With other materials, aluminium looks close, steel is improving and paper is comfortable.”