Project to map out effective recovery of raw materials from electrical products


WRAP is to work with a bunch of partners from across Europe on a project to recover raw materials and precious metals from electrical devices.

It will work with KTN, Wuppertal Institute, ERP UK and EARN on the EU LIFE funded project called Critical Raw Material Closed Loop Recovery (CRM Recovery).


WRAP research has shown that 40% of electrical products get sent to landfill at the end of their life, meaning increasingly valuable and rare materials are lost.

CRM Recovery aims to increase the recovery of these materials by 5% from products such as consumer electronics, ICT equipment and small household appliances.

As well as the UK involvement, Germany, Italy and Turkey are countries represented in the project.

WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin said: “We’re delighted to lead this project which will find effective routes for collecting and recovering valuable materials from electrical and electronic products.

“I look forward to seeing how these new insights inform the bigger picture, demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of making better use of resources across Europe.”