PyroPure opens new research and development centre


A revolutionary waste technology company has opened its new research and development centre in Bordon, Hampshire.

PyroPure is a specialist waste technology company, which uses a small-scale process to destroy waste at source, avoiding the need for collection, transport and disposal.


The company’s units are about the size of a fridge freezer and can handle all types of organic waste and are initially being aimed at the health care sector. It is being targeted in the healthcare sector, as it will help to reduce waste costs here by sanitising infectious and offensive waste leaving metal and glass for recycling.

The units also produce heat that can be used at the individual locations to cut energy costs. The emissions are clean and there is a small amount of solid residue that is flushed away.

PyroPure chief executive Andrew Hamilton said: “Treating waste on-site, especially difficult and offensive wastes, offers scope to deal with this waste as soon as it arises. This and the re-use of heat on-site, offers the potential to meet a number of policy objectives in one go.”