Qurius and Prodware become Tegos partners for distribution of enwis recycling business software


Tegos – the company that developed the enwis recycling and waste management business software solution – has signed a formal agreement with Qurius and Prodware.

About a year ago, Qurius and Prodware merged services in a strategic alliance, and the two have now agreed with Tegos to combine business, development and marketing programmes to further develop global solutions for the increasing number of businesses and enterprises involved in the recycling and waste management industry.


Previously, Qurius and Prodware represented Tegos in the sales of the enwis software.

Qurius chief executive Leen Zevenbergen said: “The recycling industry is becoming more and more international and is learning to use technology to meet the challenges of sustainability in the world. Our partnership with Tegos has always been strong. As we are now its International Enterprise Partner, we are recognised for our ability to execute implementations across territorial boundaries using the best technologies.”