Record 360,000 tonnes of PVC recycled in Europe in 2012


The European PVC industry sustainable development programme VinylPlus has revealed that 362,076 tonnes of the material was recycled across Europe in 2012.

As a result, it says it is scheduled to meet its target of 800,000 tonnes recycled by 2020.


A wider and more comprehensive scope of what constitutes recycled PVC has also been adopted to include post-consumer and limited types of post-industrial PVC as well as some of the regulated waste streams in the EU.

Speaking at the Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2013 last week in Istanbul, VinylPlus chairman Filipe Constant said the industry “is effectively moving from a model of resource consumption that follows a ‘take-make-use-throw away’ linear pattern into a truly circular economy model which puts end-of-life materials back into the production stream extending the added-value of PVC’s inherent durability and versatility.”