Recycled plastics, brass and aluminium prices rise, other materials stable


Last week saw price rises for most plastics grades as well as brass and aluminium metal grades.

The Resource Efficient Business Intelligence report showed that despite fears for the future of Closed Loop Recycling, an extra £5 per tonne was added to the price of HDPE milk bottles.


All LDPE grades in Intelligence also increased last week, with 98/2 up by £10 on the week before.

Plastic grades including wheelie bins, HDPE Regrind, EPS and PP also increased in value.

The only grades that did not see an increase were PET bottles and low grade films, mixed hard plastics and mixed trays.

In metals, brass and aluminium grades were both up with mixed brass up £75 per tonne and grades including clean aluminium wheels up £25 per tonne.

Paper grades were largely stable last week, but an extra pound was added to the value of mixed paper.

Subscribers to Intelligence last week also saw an updated to the monthly export guide to include April, May and June to give an indication of expected export market demand in these months for paper and plastics.

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