Recycled prices continue to rise with a little more momentum in market


Last week saw the Intelligence three key indices for global recycled material prices rise.

Plastics, paper and metals were all overall up on the previous week.


In the UK, copper grades among the metals were particularly strong, rising by £100 per tonne. Stainless steel also saw prices rises on its various grades.

Plastics also saw price rises with PET bottles up £5 and LDPE 98/2 up a further £10 per tonne. Increases were also seen for HIPS Regrind, EPS and PP Regrind.

For paper grades, OCC crept up by a pound while mixed paper increased by £2 per tonne. News & pam also saw a £2 increase.

However, there are potential headwinds on the horizon, and Intelligence subscribers will have seen how changing foreign exchange rates and shipping costs will impact on the market in our forecast prices.

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