Recycling prices and market commentary: 14 June 2024


Will Euro 2024 or the weather have an impact on the recycling market in the coming weeks?

Maybe, but it still isn’t clear. This week ahead of the European football tournament’s start tonight, there wasn’t any signifiers of change as yet.


While some paper and metal grades came off a bit, some plastics gained a little.

Normally, there is hope that a major football tournament leads to more purchasing of food and drink, televisions etc and more packaging. When combined with good weather as people have barbecues around the football matches, then this can lead to more material on the market.

But this week’s generally wet and chilly weather across the UK has dampened purchasing a bit. With the forecast slightly better for next week, then this may change, but there will be hope for better summer weather and more material as the tournament goes on. Especially as by the end, we get closer to the general quiet period of UK school holidays and European vacation time.

The pound remained unchanged compared to the dollar at $1.27 by week end, but was up a bit to €1.18 against the euro.

Recycled plastic

Stronger demand for HDPE grades has helped to push up the price of this material.

Despite a small rise of £7 or so in the price of the PRN/PERN, this didn’t affect other plastic grades that were largely stable.

As mentioned above, there is some hope that a combination of the Euros and, if it comes, better weather will lead to more purchasing of PET bottles and other goods for LDPE film and this will help availability of material over the coming weeks.

If this happens, then much will depend on whether there is a pre-summer stock-up ahead of the holiday period and how this affects price.

Recycled paper

While there are still some pockets of interest from a handful of European mills that need material, the majority of the packaging market was trading at lower levels this week.

However, markets were generally quiet and there wasn’t loads of material around.

The wet weather seems to have suppressed availability of packaging grades this week, but a slightly better forecast and the upcoming football may help arisings in coming weeks.

However, we probably won’t get a sense of what will happen for July and whether mills will need material before the summer holiday period until the last week of the month.

Recycled metals

Copper and brass were the only movers this week, both losing £100 per tonne.

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