Recycling prices and market commentary: 3 July 2020

Mixed plastics
Mixed plastics

Markets for recyclate are waiting to see what happens at the moment in terms of global economics and what this means for secondary materials.

In paper, OCC increased a touch and mixed paper was down a little.


For plastics, there was no change as markets wait for the next tranches of National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) information.

Copper, lead and ferrous grades were all up in metals.

In the PRN/PERN market, it was pretty much steady as she goes with trading minimal as everyone waits for the monthly data due in just over a week from NPWD and the Q2 data at the end of the month.

Markets for recyclate may adjust in the coming weeks depending on how the data pans out.

At the moment, most aren’t ready to buy or sell the certificate until they have a better indication of whether the over-supply in most grades is a real thing or a consequence of an unusual first quarter.

Against the dollar, the pound was unchanged at $1.24 and the euro also stayed the same at €1.10.

Recycled plastics

In a sector so dependent on the PRN/PERN value at the moment, the market for recycled plastics remained quiet this week and prices remained unchanged.

Ahead of the publication of the monthly data in just over a week and the Q2 data at the end of the month, there is little activity until recyclers and producers have a better send of whether the over-supply in Q1 was an aberration of not.

However, there is some hope that as the economy begins to recover as lockdown eases, there will be some increased demand for material.

With the opening of some hospitality outlets this weekend, and an improving picture for manufacturing, some are keeping their fingers crossed the picture for recycled plastics improves as the summer progresses.

Forecast prices

1-week 4-week
PET 265-271 267-273
HDPE 460-466 468-474
LDPE 98/2 220-226 226-232


Recycled paper

There are low volumes of material being collected at the moment, but there is also low demand and that balance has kept pricing pretty stable overall.

However, OCC increased a touch due to some increasing demand from Indonesia, where prices were anywhere between £65 to £80 per tonne. Buyers were prepared to pay a premium for material to compensate for the hassle factor of a tougher inspection regime.

Some material is still heading to China, although on an every decreasing basis. Again, there was a slight premium for the inspection requirements, although Chinese buyers were not as high as Indonesia.

Most of the market was more in the £50 to £60 range.

Mixed had less interest especially as European demand has waned and dropped by a couple of quid.

One bright spot is multi which retains good interest and has seen a rising price in the last couple of weeks.

Forecast prices

1-week 4-week
OCC 62-66 59-63
ONP 55-59 54-58
Mixed 5-9 5-9


Recycled metals

Copper was up by £25 per tonne this week, while lead rose by the same amount.

Ferrous grades also jumped up by £25 with steel cans increasing by the same value.

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