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Recycling prices and market commentary: 4 August 2023

Mixed plastics
Mixed plastics

August is here and the recycling markets reflect the season even if the weather doesn’t.

Buyers in mainland Europe have quietened to a whisper in recent days as the traditional summer holiday period began in earnest. Even those still in the mills are as likely to be refurbishing as producing.

While there was some localised fluctuation in various grades of material this week, the small volumes being traded suggest this was due to specific deals or circumstances rather than reflective of broader trends.

Recyclers will be hoping the sun comes out soon so they can at least feel the benefits of summer alongside its commercial challenges.

The pound dropped a single cent against both the dollar and the euro to $1.27 and €1.16.

Recycled plastics

Little movement was seen in the recovered polymers market, where prices remained flat.

As the Bank of England raised interest rates yet again this week, the continued economic gloom did nothing to lift consumer spirits and boost demand.

Getting away on holiday is the favoured course of action for many in the sector, and mills were quiet at the start of August.

At least no fresh price drops were recorded, small victories being the best that can be reported at present.

Recycled paper

With India’s Christmas packaging production rush over almost as soon as it began, the paper recovery markets were very quiet this week.

Most export material is bypassing the out-of-office European contingent and heading to the Far East where its relative value is finding favour.

Many mills closer to home are being closed for maintenance as workers flock to the beach and recyclers watch the hours drift past towards September.

Price changes recorded last week remained in place as the sector consolidated its position.

Recycled metal

While some copper and brass grades edged up in value, ferrous prices were largely unmoved this week.

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