Recycling prices and market commentary: 5 July 2024

paper recycling

There was a mixed picture for recovered-material traders as mid-summer arrived in the shape of Wimbledon tennis, a general election and steady drizzle this week.

While many ferrous and plastic prices fell slightly, glass and paper values were generally unchanged and non-ferrous metal even started to yield greater rewards in some cases.


Overall there was a sense of minor adjustments before a long summer lull as European buyers in particular started to eye the shutters and padlocks and search for sunloungers on which to reflect on the trading year past.

The pound was unchanged against the dollar, at $1.28, the same as a week ago, while it climbed slightly against the euro at €1.16.

Recycled plastics

With second-quarter PRN figures expected imminently, many buyers were biding their time in the market, waiting to see what requirements lay ahead of them before committing to further action.

This stagnation dragged prices down on relevant grades and added to existing sentiment that values had been slightly too high recently and were due a minor correction.

Merchants will await the PRN data with interest to see whether any further adjustments are likely before the summer shutdown, which is likely to lock values in for a few weeks at least.

Recycled paper

Most grades of recovered paper were trading at the same prices as the prior week as the market settled into a summer slumber.

Even election periods on both sides of the Atlantic, with their heavy and immediate demand for leaflet fodder, couldn’t spark the mills into paying higher amounts for fibre.

Buyers in the Far East have been quiet over the past seven days, many of them offering lower prices than counterparts closer to home.

With the European summer holiday season fast approaching, there is little expectation of drama in the market over the coming weeks.

Recycled metals

While several ferrous grades dropped about £20 per tonne in value this week, non-ferrous material in many cases rose by more than double that amount.

Recycling prices

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