Reef Recycling set for further expansion

Reef Recycling's new offices

Leeds-based Reef Recycling has responded to rapid growth by moving to new offices and employing more staff on its team.

Since 2014, the company has traded plastics, with a particular focus on plastic bottles, but also LDPE film and PP.


Over the past couple of years, it has seen business take off as demand for recycled content grows in the UK and Europe.

This has meant it has moved into new larger offices in Leeds, as well as employing more admin staff to ensure its service levels are maintained.

Reef Recycling managing director Mark Fuller said: “Reef Recycling has been involved in plastic recycling since 2014. But the last couple of years has seen exceptional growth and demand for recycled content is high.

“But we have also seen more price volatility, the interruption caused by Covid, and the challenges of exporting into Europe as a result of Brexit. Despite this, we have continued to send plastics for recycling to UK and European reprocessors. Part of our offer is that we provide a fully traceable and transparent service for suppliers, so that they know that the material they trade with us will be recycled here in the UK or at state-of-the-art facilities in Europe. 

“Our team has been expanded to help us move material to our customers as seamlessly as possible, and this has meant us investing in larger office space in Leeds.

“As an ambitious company, we have a growth strategy that will lead to further opportunities in future, but the foundation of that has to be investing in providing the best possible service we can. Our expanded team is already helping us to deliver that.”