Research agency reveals trends to promote awareness of marine conservation 


Research and marketing agency Mintel has announced key consumer trends that will affect Europe in 2018, with one trend focusing on recycling to maintain marine conservation.  

With a majority of our plastic packaging ending up in the oceans, Mintel’s senior trends consultant Richard Cope has revealed that within the next year, lobbying campaigns will seek to make consumers aware of ocean pollution and its impact on wildlife and their own health. 


He also explained how more brands will offer education and leadership with clean, safe and sustainable products, due to businesses wanting to highlight and safeguard the future of the ocean. 

Richard Cope said: While plastics won’t be wholly demonised, intensified eco-lobbying will produce more recyclable products, as well as incentives and initiatives to encourage sustainable behaviour. We may well see social stigmatisation of plastic cups and cling film, more pioneering brands innovating with soluble pod packaging and more retailers dispensing with it completely. In food, drink and beauty, we’ll see pure, unpolluted sourcing mainstream as a claim and natural exfoliators like salt and sand championed alongside other sustainable marine ingredients.” 

According to the agency, premium ocean plastic products will advertise this trend this year, with 49% of UK consumers saying that they would be interested in purchasing fashion items made from recycled plastic. 

Recently, Procter & Gamble released a fairy liquid bottle made from 100% recycled plastic and ocean plastic.  

The three other trends focus on safeguarding data, helping teens build confidence and transparency within the media.