Research finds 89% of people think packaging should change for recyclability

black plastic
Black plastic recycling

Resource management company Veolia has released new research which has found that 89% of people believe packaging should change to be easier to recycle.

The data shows that the public want packaging to include recycled material, be easier to recycle or be removed completely.


Following the broadcast of Blue Planet II, 35% of Brits have said that they have a better understanding of packaging recyclability, although the research showed that there is still some confusion.

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Many, for example, still believe that hard to recycle or non-recyclable items such as coffee cups (27%), black plastic containers (26%), toothpaste tubes (20%) and crisp and sweet wrappers (11%) are commonly recyclable, according to Veolia.

From this, Veolia had released a recycling “mythbuster” to help reduce confusion and offer advice on what actually can and cannot be recycled.

This follows the company’s recently published Plan for Plastics, which shows that consumers expect over 50% of a plastic bottle to be made from recycled content.

Veolia chief technology and innovation officer Richard Kirkman said: “It’s encouraging that public knowledge on recycling is improving overall, but there is still some way to go. When we start simplifying packaging and provide clearer labelling, this will enable more sustainable choices at the supermarket and ensure more materials will be collected and accepted at recycling centres. This is the essence of a circular economy and something we should all be striving towards.”

The company is also a founding member of the UK Plastics Pact.

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