Residents of Mumbai could face three-months jail time if caught using single-use plastics

Mumbai Bombay Skyline

Mumbai has banned single-use plastics, with residents caught using plastic bags, cups or bottles facing a fine of up to 25,000 rupees (£276) and three-month prison sentence. 

Council inspectors in navy blue jackets have been put across the city to catch businesses or residents still using this material. 


The Guardian has reported that penalties have already been handed to McDonald’s and Starbucks.  

Fines range from 5,000 rupees (£55) for first-time offenders to 25,000 rupees and a threat of three months in jail for those caught repeatedly using these plastics.   

A Mumbai resident Kamlash Mohan Chaudhary said: “For the pollution situation it’s fine to do this, but for the people it is a big problem. People here carry everything in plastic bags.” 

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