Resource Association calls for Resource Management and Circular Economy Act


A Manifesto for Resources 2015 has been set out by the Resource Association ahead of the General Election on 7 May.

In the manifesto, the Resource Association sets out a range of proposals including a Resource Management and Circular Economy Act.


It proposes six elements to this Act, which should include:

  • Establishment of an Office of Resource Management on a statutory basis.
  • Establishment of a statutory duty on businesses to collect and submit data on waste and resource use, placed on the licenced and regulated businesses that provide waste and resource collections
  • Introduction of a ban on biodegradable waste to landfill with a duty to provide food waste collections accessible to every household by 2020
  • Introduction of a requirement for businesses to separately collect paper, glass, metals and plastics and food waste from their premises like is required in Scotland
  • Establishment of a statutory duty for local authorities to publish an End Destination Register for Waste and Recyclate and extend the duty to contractors to provide the necessary data
  • Establishment of a ban on the collection of glass commingled with other recyclates.


On top of this, the Resource Association proposes a new Resource Industry Infrastructure Action Plan that should refresh the original remit of WRAP, recommend targets for increasing recyclate tonnage reprocessed in the UK and undertake urgent research into the feasibility of legislation on minimum recycled content in key product streams.

It also wants a commitment from the new government to commission an independent review of product design in relation to barriers to recyclability and identification if a ‘route map to recyclability’.

There should also be a full review of the PRN system and a review of public procurement rules, according to its manifesto.

It would also like a review to see whether alternative metrics may better capture the intentions of a circular economy-based resources strategy rather than current recycling targets as a primary measure of success.

Resource Association chief executive Ray Georgeson said: “There have been growing demands across our industry for stronger leadership and fresh momentum in policy development in resources management.

“Our Manifesto for Resources 2015 is a significant shopping list of policy measures, but it reflects the need and depth with which policy in this area needs review and rejuvenation.

“As an indicator of what may be needed if we are to meet the challenge and potential of the circular economy and develop the jobs, growth and better resource use we know our industry can deliver, it is a call to action for future Members of Parliament and the incoming government, regardless of its political colours and complexity. We challenge them all to be bold and seize the prize of resources, jobs and growth in the circular economy.”