Resource Association getting ready to publish recycling Quality Specifications Chart


Trade body the Resource Association is intending to publish a guide aimed at showing the quality specifications required by its members.

The Quality Specification Chart will be aimed primarily at local authorities, but also others that provide material to recyclers and reprocessors.


Most of the Resource Association’s member companies will publish their specifications with the aim of giving those who provide material an aim of what to work towards for high quality recycling rather than expect customers to instantly meet the specification.

It will not specify whether a material needs to be collected by commingled or source separated means, merely whether it can be sorted to the wanted quality.

The Resource Association will also provide an online grid that will show the differences in value available when different recycled materials are mixed together.

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It follows a challenge set by Resources Minister Dan Rogerson for the recycling industry to support councils in understanding what is Technically, Environmentally and Economically Practicable (TEEP) when it comes to ensuring they meet their legal duties on the system used for collection of material.

Resource Association chief executive Ray Georgeson said: “The Resource Association will be making its own response to the challenge set by Resources Minister Dan Rogerson MP for industry to step up and support councils in relation to their need to interpret TEEP.

“We will shortly publish comprehensive information from many UK reprocessors in the form of a Quality Specifications Chart, which will guide councils and others through what ‘high-quality recycling’ means to a UK reprocessor. In addition, we will be providing information on the impact (or otherwise) of the mixing of certain combinations of materials on the value of the recyclate offered to the reprocessor.”