Resource Association welcomes Welsh Government Environment White Paper


Trade body the Resource Association has said a proposed Environment White Paper from the Welsh Government provides “bold measures and clear market signals to boost resource capture and recycling”.

Recently, the Welsh Government launched a consultation on the White Paper that seeks to enable improvements in resource efficiency including waste regulation to ensure Wales’ natural resources are used to best effect.


Resource Association chief executive Ray Georgeson said: “In proposing a range of complementary measures such as landfill and EfW bans on key materials and separation of wastes by the waste producer, the Welsh Government is proposing some bold measures and sending clear market signals to boost resource capture and recycling.

“Provided such measures are also complemented by a strong eco-industrial strategic approach to building business that can effectively utilise high quality recovered resources we see merit in the clarity of these market signals.

“The Minister for Natural Resource and Food [Alun Davies] makes it clear in his foreword that he sees the need for a ‘modern legislative framework that recognises that our water, land and air are all interlinked and our economy, society and environment are all interdependent.’ We are encouraged by the integrated nature of the approach taken in the White Paper and urge that this is maintained across eco-industrial strategy.”