Reuse of electrical goods becoming more prevalent says certification company


Electrical goods are increasingly reused and this trend is set to continue, according to Really Green Credentials.

The company was recently accredited as a certification body for the recently introduced PAS 141 British standard for the reuse of electrical appliances.


Really Green Credentials managing director Julie-Ann Adams said: “Reuse is becoming more prevalent, and with the latest round of the EU WEEE Directive Recast calling for a requirement for minimum targets of reuse collected, the trend is set to continue.

“However, customers still need reassurance that refurbished products are up to scratch, and that unwanted appliances are treated appropriately, with secure removal of confidential data. Reuse organisations which opt for the independent certification will be well positioned to exploit increased confidence in their products and services to leverage new business.”

The PAS 141 specification covers all aspects of the reuse process, from visual inspections and functionality tests to data eradication, labelling and warranties.

It also includes wider business practices such as health and safety of personnel and robust record keeping.