Review finds Welsh recycling system is still best option for waste collection


An independent review of the Welsh Government’s guidance on waste and recycling collections has confirmed that weekly kerbside sort remains the best option.

The Welsh Government has a recommended model for local authorities that includes weekly kerbside sort of dry recyclables, weekly separate collection of food waste, use of modern multi-compartment vehicles and fortnightly collection of residual waste.


In the review, carried out by Eunomia Research and Consulting, it was found that this ‘Collections Blueprint’ continued to offer clear benefits in terms of cost and material quality as well as its impact on recycling performance.

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It also found evidence to support policies focussing on the restriction of household waste as well as acknowledging that separate collections resulted in higher quality, less contaminated material.

Welsh Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant (pictured) said: “I am pleased the review concluded that the Collections Blueprint still provides a good basis for a waste collection standard for Wales.

“The widespread adoption of the blueprint provides the best overall economic, financial, social and environmental solution for Wales. It would lead to efficiency savings through procurements, to shared depot facilities and a more consistent approach for householders as well as a consistent way of presenting materials to market.”