Revised deinking scorecard aims to help recyclability of printed paper


The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) has adopted a revised deinking scorecard to help in the recycling of printed paper products.

First published in 2008, the scorecard assesses the deinkability of a printed product taking into account five parameters: luminosity, colour, cleanliness, ink elimination and filtrate darkening.


The revised version also include updates on terminology, fibre yield, and for one product category the luminosity threshold and target as well as ink elimination target.

There is also a better distinction between magazines and low ink coverage products.

ERPC signatory and Integraf secretary general Beatrice Klose said: “This revised scorecard ensures that more products can be recycled to similar quality levels as the original product.

“Our joint efforts prove that the paper value chain is working every day to improve on the sustainability profile of its products, responding to the latest policy developments.”

The new scorecard is available at