Roberts launch new 100% recyclable bread bag 

Roberts launch 100% recyclable new bread bag

Bakery company Roberts has designed an “industry first” new bread bag that can go straight into the household recycling bin.  

The new bag is aimed at helping people improve their recycling and to stop the confusion around what can and cannot be recycled. 


This 100% recyclable at home bag goes into the paper recycling bin or mixed recycling bin if no separate paper one is available and can be collected from home by virtually all recycling authorities across the UK. 

According to Roberts, no other bread manufacturer has been able to offer a simple at home solution, as any previous recyclable packaging has to be taken to public recycling facilities at larger stores at most major supermarkets.  

Roberts said that UK bakeries produce 10,736 tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic packaging annually to supply 1.5 billion loaves to 27 million households, with the majority of the packaging ending up in landfill.  

The new bread bag is 85% recyclable paper with a transparent window made from 15% recyclable film, with an expectation to move to a full 100% paper bag within months.  

It also features a larger than life label to inform shoppers about exactly what to do when it comes to the recycling of the bag.

Roberts manging director Stuart Spencer-Calnan said: “It is absolutely ridiculous that there is so much public confusion about what to recycle and how to do it. We have made a small yet significant step towards overcoming this and we are calling for other bread manufacturers to do the same. Only by making it easy will we change consumer behaviour for the better and increase rates of recycling that we so desperately need.” 

He added that the latest bag is not yet the perfect solution, but that will come following phase two investment in early 2019 as more lines are added.  

This move by Roberts comes as The Recycling Association launched its 2018 Quality First Report stating the need for manufacturers to get involved in solving the plastic problem and calling for a simplified supply chain. 

The Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin said: “The Recycling Association is advocating that manufacturers should use single materials that are easy to recycle for their packaging as part of  its Quality First campaign.  

“Therefore, we welcome these first small steps that Roberts bakery has taken and look forward to phase two – and the significant introduction of 100% paper packaging – very soon.”  

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